Residents & Supporters


run, party or supporter, be a big supporter for the thousands of runners and meet your neighbors in your street on a beautiful Sunday. De Pauwels Consulting Ghent Marathon will be one big neighborhood party on Sunday 28 October 2018 !

The Ghent Marathon with its various running distances runs along Ghent, Drongen, St-Denijs-Westrem, De Pinte and
St-Martens-Latem on Sunday 28 October via beautiful nature trails, neighborhoods and parks.

What makes this running event unique, and classified as one of the most beautiful course in Belgium, by involving the whole neighborhood.
The natural zones in which the participants of the Ghent Marathon run are so beautiful and green that it is breathtaking and this will motivate the runners even more to continue until the finish line.

To make the running party complete, we provide as an organization: music animation on the road, sufficient supplies, motivational
quote signs, correct mileage and a free information brochure for all residents on the bus.

Party in your street!

PLEASE join together with your neighbors in your street on Sunday 28 October between 10 am and 5 pm to encourage all runners with a neighborhood party, beautiful street decorations, a cup of water or something nice and especially loud and clear for them to support so that it gives them wings to the finish!

Some party and supporter Tips:

  • Place tables and chairs outside your house, please do not use the running course
  • Decorate your garden with balloons, garlands, encouragement panels, ...
  • Place nice colorful flags and put you in a strategic place with bells and whistles
  • Organize a BBQ or a nice aperitif with your neighbors
  • Hand out apples and water to the runners
  • Rich a water sponge to the runners, in case of a heavy effort this refreshment is good
  • Let your kids do hand clapping or Hi with the runners, always great
  • ....

Let us know in advance if you want to organize something then we will map this and we will gladly offer you the possible help. Do you have additional questions or suggestions to:  -