Privacy Policy


You register for participation in an event of NV Phidippides, with registered office at Dianalaan 151, 2600 Antwerp, hereinafter referred to as PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON.

PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON is your contact for all your questions. PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON can be reached every working day between 9 am and 6 pm. Telephone: 0488 / 62.51.11 - E-mail:


Article 1. Registration

The participant hereby declares to be at least 18 years old at the time of registration or to have the permission of his legal guardian to register for the event.

The registration is only valid if the registration form has been filled in completely and truthfully, the registration fee and payment for extras have been paid in full and these general terms and conditions have been accepted.

Article 2. Right of withdrawal

The registration falls under the services referred to in Art. VI, 53, 12 ° WER for which the right of withdrawal is excluded.

In case of non-participation, for whatever reason, no claim can be made on the reimbursement of the registration fee and any extras.

Article 3. Cancellation of the event

If the event can not continue due to exceptional circumstances, PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON will offer the participants an equivalent alternative in the form of the possibility to register for a new / the next edition of the same event free of charge, or another event of PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON. PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON will decide for each event which of these alternatives apply to the case.

PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON can under no circumstances be obliged to reimburse the registration fee and any extras (such as merchandising, T-shirts, training schedule, contribution to charity, ...)

Article 4. Participation

Participation in the event can only be done with a valid registration and if the following age requirements are met:

Kidsrun (1,5km): max. 7 years at the time of participation

Junior run (2.5km): 8-12 years at the time of participation

5km: min. 12 years at the time of participation

10 km: min. 12 years at the time of participation

21 km: min. 16 years at the time of participation

42km: min. 18 years at the time of participation

Article 5 .             Prices

The prices are always expressed in euros and include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Article 6. Payment

The participant must always pay, in advance, the full amount of the registration (registration fee and extras) through the provided online payment system.

GHENT MARATHON believes that it has taken all possible and relevant precautions and acts accordingly as a normal and careful online seller. Any theft can therefore not be invoked against it.

Article 7. Change of registration

Participants who wish to pass on their registration for an event to another person can do so on the day of the event. They pay the administrative costs as stated on the spot.

Participants who wish to change distance can do so NOT on site, but ONLY via our website via the up- or downgrade module and this until 14th of October 2018. If a surcharge applies for the newly chosen distance, this will also be charged.

Article 8 Healthy & safe sports

Participating requires good health. For this reason, the organization recommends that a preventive sports medical examination be carried out by a recognized sports doctor. Upon registration, the participant declares to meet this condition. The organizer can not be held responsible for any medical problems of the participant.

Article 9. Personal data and intellectual property rights

All information from the participants is intended for PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON. It may, however, be passed on to the parties contractually bound to PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON subject to the consent of the party concerned. The law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to data processing provides access to the data and the improvement thereof. The participant may at any time request a revision of his / her personal data, via the contact details included in these general terms and conditions.

By participating in the event, you declare that you agree with any use of visual material of your participation in the event or portrait rights in print, film, video, etc. for promotional purposes of PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON and its events, without claiming compensation for this.

The participant declares to be familiar with the fact that techniques can be used to retrieve his / her precise location at any desired moment during the event by collecting signals from the chip attached to the breast number as proof of participation that each participant must bear. The participant gives permission to PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON to make this information public so that it can be seen by everyone.

The participant grants permission to PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON to follow his location realtime (live tracking) in a manner as described above, to include this data in a file, to be provided to third parties and to publish via the internet, via social media and via any mobile applications.

Article 10. Comments / complaints

Comments must be submitted via one of the channels mentioned in the preamble. PAUWELS CONSULTING GHENT MARATHON will always try to treat every comment and this within 10 days after receipt via one of the aforementioned channels. If this fails, this will also be reported to the participant and an alternative time course will be proposed.

Article 11. Validity clauses

If one or more articles of these terms and conditions would be void or unlawful, for whatever reason, this does not affect the validity of the other parts of the conditions.